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ES 11-06-08

Coming into the session basically flat...watching
are they looking for 899?
Benny - do you have LDVA around 903? singles 900.5-903
im afraid if they get these lows that they will blow past 899
Originally posted by VOwater

i am on central time and so is the thats what i use

Still not getting the same price on CST, maybe i am missing something.
boom..out at 905
had to do it with 1 eye cause my contact fell out
wsj Im not sure what your doing wrong...perhaps if you show me the numbers your getting and how you got them I can help
any one knows how to check S&P future action on specific dates..

last time i watched ES was down 15 pts before employment report but came to unchange level by 8.30 AM (due time).

I want to check if this is the same action every employment report

TS shows closing $tick @ -552 can anybody confirm?


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