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ES 11-06-08

Coming into the session basically flat...watching
covered one at 919.50 to reduce risk.. holding the other
can we use the:
10:06 L and 10:57 L to get a peak at 11:48
or no because the 10:57 L got taken out?
remember singles 912.25-918.5 and 916 sq 9 also
here comes your low Margie... ill be exiting around 916 or so(gann sq of 9)just in case!
This is so exciting, having fun today!
out at 3.5 on that one.. now up 3.25
I don't understand I have my plams turned up and throwing
things @ the computer. We should go up. LOL :)
gotta pick up my son... back in 20!
10:40 low in place?...we will see
Am short since yesterday evening 11/05 16:31 @956.50.... Holding on

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