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ES 11-06-08

Coming into the session basically flat...watching
Originally posted by VOwater

& thanks again for browser refresh...awesome!

Oh not a problem glad i could help out
huge tick div. @ low
im guessing the low is 11:00-11:02 about the 5m 6:40 H and the 8:40 H for a super cycle low at 10:40ish?
I see 933 as mini hi.
ABSOULUTELY,VO! i have that written down some on my notes here!
only thing is ,vo its an ugly looking bowl shape i dont know.
margie i saw that as well...cant get any good upside projections cause our low keeps getting taken out
wow! theres 922.25 2 ticks off of my 921.75 proj!
buying 922.50 or lower!

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