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ES 12-9-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 897
POC: 904.50
Weekly PP: 861
Monthly PP: 881

R1: 926.75
S1: 875

15m: 897.50, 891.25
5m: 895.75

2.50 was 61.8 of the 94L and 16.25H
but we appear to be pretty oversold...interesting.
weve missed ya POP!.. now if we could just find Charter Joe!
1 min looks oversold
short one for a quick scalp from 906.25 looking to exit low 903's
wow, posting made me money there, by the time i got to my order ,i got out market at 902.25!,plus 4 and now up 7.25 thx to a globex trade.. watching
l @ 904
15 min seems to be calling for 894.75, but ill bet we bounce good first...too oversold!
yep i see that 15 min proj too
1 off 5.75

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