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ES 12-9-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 897
POC: 904.50
Weekly PP: 861
Monthly PP: 881

R1: 926.75
S1: 875

15m: 897.50, 891.25
5m: 895.75

If we work higher this afternoon, a couple of targets:

920++ (per Margie's work)

916 (mine)

Downside, somewhere below 900 ??
NYSE volume 50,000 to the upside Nas over 550,000 to the upside with a trin of 36
well see if the 11:38 to 12:22 cycle does much!
hehya Pook , welcome to kool's army... lol
well theres my breakdown and 5.25...i dont have the patience of job...i see selling in afternoon...1.50 is key for bulls
this tight range tells me a move is brewing- which way is the ultimate question
long one ...904.50,stop at 901.00.. holding to the cycle peak 1:06 or longer!
wow! look at the bids at 01
Originally posted by koolblue

DID YOU TELL HER vo's a drunk and im insane, Mypto?

No..said nothing but good things about all of you and that VO crossdresses..(just kidding VO)

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