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ES 12-9-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 897
POC: 904.50
Weekly PP: 861
Monthly PP: 881

R1: 926.75
S1: 875

15m: 897.50, 891.25
5m: 895.75

s @ 6.25
it sure wants 902, we'll see if it can break all the avgs at 906
still exiting 905.50.Cause im always early! its my nature!
did you catch the new deadly 15m! 77.75
bing! out 905.50, plus 3 there... now up 8.25 on the day.
Vo, thanks for the chart.
nice trade koolblue !
dead man walking
one thing about these big up and down go no where days..SCALPERS HEAVEN!
WOW, just noticed dow is down(almost 100) and nas is up! wierd!

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