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Traders International

Hello all,

Does anyone have any experience with Traders International - Are they as good as they claim?

Thank you.
I saw one of there videos and there set up for the ES is one 377 tick and one 610 tick chart both with Stochastic 5 5 1 70 30 overlaid on the ES and MACD 5 34 1 C sub chart. There looking for divergence's on both charts and taking 2 points stop or profit which ever comes first.
stoc(5,5,2) %k=5, %d=5 %d slow=2 overlays on chart then erase slow line. He never change this parm, ever. The lower pannel is diff story, depend on his mood it could be price osc(3,14), I like (5,34) better. or MACD(8,3,5) notice they all fib numbers as he is obsessed with fib numbers, erase macd signal line too.
There is a new outfit called traderplanet with some brand names like Darrell Jobman and Jim Wyckoff on board. Somehow they got Trader International to donate some of their TI 'education' videos. Here is the good part, when you play TI videos you will see trader planet logo on top of TI logo, priceless. I think TI realized they had been had, some of video links are no longer working, enjoy.

I have used MACD 12,26,1 and Stochastics 5,5,1 for years and there the best numbers looking for divergences around square of S/R numbers, I used to be the moderator for a few of a pay for calls (ashamed to say I charged people, but we made lots of money and we were all happy until the .com/bear came and it went from 75 members to 3 then none!!) back in 1999-2001. I used it on 1 and 3 min charts for day trading hot stocks. I never heard of traders international I found these numbers through trail and error, there not magical but imo there the best out there. Funny we use almost the same parm. for stochastics indicator.
Nice chart nkhoi, try it with Parabolic SAR for entries, I find it a good filter. I am new to SAR, but so far its really helped keep me out of a lot of losers.
Any ideas of Franz's bulls eye? I have always wanted to know but not enough to justify spending 5k on something I already know then an extra 550 a month just to be in his room.
Franz said his bull eye is a collection of about 50 indicators so looks like it is a signal of majority. On ET he was showing he traded 200 cars live until somebody pointed out there was no maching number on DOM so that was how he got fired from TI then opened his own room.
Really? Well I have seen his bulls eye and its good stuff what ever it is. But I love my systems I have. I have wanted to trade 200 cons for a couple of years but can't get over 15. But just love to trade...
Can I trust traders international? I plan to join, please let me know. thanks
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