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Oh, and the positive posters and testimonials....well you probably figured that out already....but if not, it's ACE himself....old King-fish tactic, no doubt he was his student.

Being in Canada it's tough to file a complaint...especially with no real name, address, phone #....well you get it. BEWARE!!!!!!
Hi Ace, scamming them again? Don't you get tired of this crap.
would like to chat with anyone who was actually a member of this Ace Trades at one time, but decided to drop off.
I have been looking at a lot of these posts. It is clear to me that most who posted against ACE have very little clue as how to trade. They wouldn't know a good system or even how to rate one. Of course I will now be accused of being a paid bogger. Normal in a forum. Every one has been burned by paying for bad training. I spent over 10,000 before finding ACE. I did not want to pay another cent to any one. I decided to just take a few trials with him hoping to pick up something. Just like the rest of you in this forum. However with ACE I noticed that he was different from every other room/course I have had taken. So I took the system. He does pick the top and bottom among other things nearly every day. I you have no clue on how to really trade and if you have been fed on indictators you will have a rought time at first understanding how it gets done. I was one of those people. But after a while I started to see what he was showing me every day. I can now do it myself. This is hands down the best training availible on the net. I have freinds that trade for banks that do not trade as well. I am very happy with the ACE system
So go ahead and attack me now. Normal.
cleverlad, on 17-June-2007 you posted the following in the Trading Zone topic:

For the price and services offered there is no other course than would be its equal. I have taken many courses and all have taught me something. None however was able to be profitable over time. Most had excuses as to why their set ups failed to work. This is method that works if you want to work. Trading is a business. The trading zone gives you an edge on the business. If you want a black box and something easy go do it and good luck. Black box systems have not worked for me. I am sorry I did not find this first. It would saved me thousands in course fees and thousands in losses from trying to apply those courses.
Any way if you know of a better course please let me know and I will prove you wrong
uh oh busted. That's some fine investigative journalism you did there DT.

"He does pick the top and bottom among other things nearly every day" Oh well you see there is the problem. I mean if he's only picking the top and bottom most of the time and not every single day that would explain why he's not a multibillionaire trader calling trades from his private jet on his way to the next Bilderberg meeting and instead he's just a guy running a trading room charging people thousands of dollars to join and learn about accumulation and distribution. I mean come on only "real" traders are right 100% of the time.
Hi there, would you be willing to speak with me privately please? send me an Email. [email protected]
Thank youuu.

Hi there, would you be willing to speak with me privately please? send me an Email please. [email protected]
Thank youuu.

I signed with the ACE system in 2012, As you may notice from an earlier post. I till use the system every day to my profit. No indicators, no algos. That means it will not be for everyone. If you are the type of trader that needs more information and then more information to confirm that information, then stick with the trainers who's charts you can barely see the candles/bars. This is a simple time proven method. Take a few more free trials. Remember trading in the end is all mental. You can make it as complicated as you want, or you can go with something simple.
I till recommend the system.
I was wrong there are better things out there. TTZ is not the best. It was good at the time