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Anyone familiar with his service..? I know they have a room here....thanks

Considering this was his first trial day, the room started with around 250. It seemed to level off at around 11:15 or so (eastern) to about 165 - 170 and remained at that level pretty much throughout the day.
anyone sitting in this room this week...? Curious how they are doing
I have sat in the JPJ room for a year.

JPJ market profile course is just fine; however, like most any strategy, it depends very much on the effectiveness of the trader. Read Chapter 10 (titled "THE YOU" of Peter Steidlmayer book on how best to use market profile.

After doing the above, give JPJ a trial run for 30 days if you believe you have control of YOU first.
it is the biggest password protected trading room on paltalk

there are a few others I have seen claim they are the largest paltalk room but they aren't, you can look day after day and see which room is the biggest, in addition, those other rooms are open rooms, this one is locked to paid members so you have to keep that in mind as well
That's pretty impressive. Do you know that all of this started by accident? If I have my facts correct it was just an easy way for him to chat to his wife while he was teaching her how to trade. She was sitting upstairs and he was in the basement and so they used PalTalk to chat to each other. Then people started stumbling into the room and started listening to him talking and it grew from there.
Any updates on JPJ trading room? I am considering it and would be interested in what others currently have to say, thanks.
I have been a member of his room for almost 2 yrs. I can say that he does have something to offer as far as learning something about Market Profile. But don't expect to be profitable following his trades. He appears to actually trade and does provide insight into using Market Profile. So, depending on what you are trying to achieve by listening to him, it can be worth your while.
Case in point, one of his members that follows JP's every trade has never been profitable. Two of his main cheerleaders have been indicted, in unrelated cases, for falsifying their trading performance-the question becomes if his methods work why did they have to falsify their results. This is only offered in the spirit of due diligence.
Thank you beyondMP for being very honest about this. I have been sitting in his room this past week, during the free trial, and am on the fence about committing. I have watched him call some good trades, especially off opening range, 10 pts plus, but at times his calls are blurted out, can't make out what he is saying, at the last second, really impossible to make. This makes me somewhat leary. He sounds like a great guy and honest too, but that is usually the mark of a good con man also.
I have been also looking into Balancetrader, by Frank Butera, he too seems like a great guy, have emailed him twice and is very helpful. I am just trying to make a good decision and not waste too much money with the con artists.
I've heard good things about these folks but haven't taken their course...I think they post a trade blotter as the trade unfolds which helps with the credibility factor.....It's a shame that those JPJ folks had to get so greedy......
Franks is a good choice too...
here is the course link...
I subscribed to Balancetrader about a year ago, when the basic membership was less then $100. Found his stuff interesting and another point of view, regarding Market Profile.
From your last post, it sounds that you are looking for someone to call trades for you. I caution that if that's what you want, you might be very disappointed in either of these two guys. However, if you are looking to add Market Profile, in some form to your existing trading strategy and are looking for an educational experience than they both have something to offer.

I was reading some of the old posts and saw your post regarding MP "getting diluted over time".

Could you elaborate further? I think i iunderstand what you are saying, that people cherry pick the parts of MP that support they like.

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