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Anyone familiar with his service..? I know they have a room here....thanks

He doesn't have a plan for the next start date (free trial) but thinks that it will be around September.

If you want to join his group now you need to know what Market Profile is before you join. In other words, you need to understand all the basics including how to calculate the Initial Balance, Rotation Factors, Single Prints etc.
Hi DT,

Do you have an affiliation with JP ? The reason I ask is because I thought you where the first one who mentioned it to me on another forum but this would have been before this forum took off.

And I beleive his thread was one of the first ones on this forum but I could be way off on all of this...

JP and I have no financial/referral affiliation although I do believe that he owes me a couple of beers for things that I've done for him. We chat occasionally (long time since I last chatted to him) and email each other and when I can I go into his room and chat to him there.

He's a great guy to chat to. No BS. Just straight down the line. And he's also a great trader.

I think that one of the things that new traders struggle with in JP's room is the same thing that they struggle with in many rooms and that is to go in there and learn how to trade and not trade while they're learning. It's easy to say that after you've been trading for a while but no matter what you say you're never going to convince a new trader to sit on their hands and learn or paper trade for 3 months before using real money.

One of the other distractions that I find with trading rooms is that there is often a lot of ambient chatter about the toys and not enough chatter about trading set-ups and strategies. You will find that everyone has something to say and wants to say something when you start discussing the software, hardware, broker, platform etc. but when it comes to learning setups and the stuff that really counts there's not as much attention.

So in many ways the forum format provides a better platform for learning and thinking. Take for example the recent discussion between myself and mwald about pivot points. Spending a few hours mulling over different ways to use pivot points is way more educational than sitting in a trading room discussing anything but trading.

However, after having said all of that, of all the rooms that I've sat in over the past few years I would say that JP's is the most educational as well as the most fun. He's a good guy.
Thank you D.T. and all for the replies and input. My question remains: whether people are making consistent profits with JPJ and/or Market Profile. Thanks.
I believe that JP makes a good living trading using Market Profile. One of the things that I did notice that new students struggled with was trying to replicate JP's trading because of the number of targets that he was using. He would scale out up to 10 times and new traders are understandably reluctant to start off with that size. As I mentioned above, new traders want to understandably trade money and not paper and so it's difficult to get to that position that you have the strategy down pat before you're risking real money.
understand,thanks. Perhaps other current users of the method will let us know how they are doing.
There's a free trial starting tomorrow (25 September 2007) if anybody's interested:
Let me preface my remarks by stating, I am not currently in JP's room and attend a different room. I did spend some time in there a while ago and think he is great market profile trader. What I have learned about mkt profile (as well as many other trading tools) is the trading style used (in this case market profile) is best served when it fits ones trading personality. Some Traders can put on a trade and leave it on until the expected move they are looking for occurs. Other's, such as myself, have a hard time staying in a trade for an expected move, especially if that moves takes 1, 2 or 3 hours (or more). I found for myself, an asset needed to trade JP's way of mkt profile required a tremendous amount of patience (and/or time). I prefer to be in and out of trades in a much shorter time.
That's a fair comment coops and there are many methods out there that work but there'll always be one that you prefer. It's just a matter of finding one that suits your personality and style.
I wasn't there today but someone told me that JP had 250 people in his room. That's a pretty big room that he's got now.

I was reading some of the old posts and saw your post regarding MP "getting diluted over time".

Could you elaborate further? I think i iunderstand what you are saying, that people cherry pick the parts of MP that support they like.

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