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Anyone familiar with his service..? I know they have a room here....thanks

Oh man, I can't believe what I'm reading here... I've attended the last free trial in October but didn't join due to lack of time. Now I wonder whether I was perhaps lucky that I couldn't join.

JPJ did have some profitable trades and obviously some losing trades, I couldn't tell whether that week ended profitable for him. The free trial basically started on a "Black Monday" and the volatility was crazy during that week so he got stopped out on several trades. I don't think that free trial week was ideal to make judgments about his trading abilities. There were clearly trades that immediately took off and went into profit and others which probably would have been profitable in a lower volatility environment.

So far, I've read and heard mostly good things about JPJ, but of course, that confidence of possibly having finally found an honest trader and teacher is quickly damaged when you have paid a significant amount for education and mentoring in the past that turned out to be completely worthless.

Oh well, hope dies last, as they say.

Hi All,

I have been a subscriber to JPJs room for a year now. To be honest, after subscribing and sitting in the room for a month or so, I realized I can't stand sitting behind the computer all day, so I've spent my energy created automated mechanical trading systems instead. But I still go into the room now and again for inspiration, as JP is a solid, upbeat, reassuring teacher, and he is the definition of consistency. I have never had a reason to doubt the honesty of his teaching or trades, and I have seen a solid handful of the members in his room call out trades (entry and exits before they happen, verified by me as possible on DOM) as well or better than JP does himself on occasion. If you have the DISCIPLINE to be a full-time trader, and go in with an open mind, I bet you can learn to make money with his teachings and the input from the members of his room. Best of luck to you all, and may all your trades be great.
I think in general that the standard MP setups are getting diluted over time. This happens when knowledge becomes broad based. Still a good guideline and JP seems like a good guy...

I was reading some of the old posts and saw your post regarding MP "getting diluted over time".

Could you elaborate further? I think i iunderstand what you are saying, that people cherry pick the parts of MP that support they like.