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T-Rex and DayWalker questions..

I didn't want to bring a "cancer" to the other threads going on so I started this one so you two can slug it out and I can be inquisitive. Could one or both of you tell us more about your "History" together? It seems that Daywalker has watched T-rex trade from his million dollar condo if I read the post correctly and I'm curious where this happened and what went "wrong" between you two. There is hostility there and also Daywalker is asking about trade setups which reminds me of MAX when he first arrived here at the forum. Also T-rex is saying that sucessful traders don't go to chat rooms so I was wondering what room he is refering too and why was he in there given the fact that DayWalker said he made his living from trading. Just didn't make sense to me...thanks for engaging me here.

Sorry BruceM I posted this on another topic I read this post after...
No problem long as we can get some answers....I think everyone should do their own research and would be foolish to take anyones "word" on anything. Especially if your putting your money on the line. All the best to you Inventor.

Originally posted by BruceM

No problem long as we can get some answers....I think everyone should do their own research and would be foolish to take anyone's "word" on anything. Especially if your putting your money on the line. All the best to you Inventor.


Thanks happy trading tomorrow
I believe I know who T Rex is..........I once met a very successful trader who would swoop into people's lives and dispense vague and incomplete trading advice and then vanish. He called himself T Rex because he had very short little "T Rex" arms. He bacame a successful screen trader because when he tried to work on the floor no one could see his hand signals. I too was was invited to watch him trade from his multi million dollar condo, however, as a former male model , I am wary of those types of invitations from older gentlemen. I don't know if it is the same guy, but I thought I would do my part to contribute...........
BruceM and others:

DayWalker called me today and apologized for his transgressions (but hasn't persuaded me to teach him how to trade).

He tried to post last night but apparently he's been locked out of here by the authorities for reasons he's not aware of. So, that explains why he hasn't responded back to your messages. Looks like he joins a growing list of persona non grata.

T Rex
DayWalker was only locked out for a short period. He is not locked out.
Why was he locked out and why wasn't that posted? As of this morning (before the opening) he was locked out. Although I thought what he was doing here was moronic, he believed it was beneficial. He's not losing sleep over it but I wouldn't count on him returning.

Does it makes sense to have a "locked out" list so people who ask questions for followup don't feel their getting shirked (or jerked) by another member when those questions go unanswered? Maybe that explains alot of the hit and run complaints.
I'll see if I can find out and get back to you.
Better to send him an email. That may make him feel welcome if you care to have him back. I doubt if he's reading these and I don't want to be a liaison between him and the forum.

T Rex
T-Rex - How do we know that you and DayWalker are not some big dual con act? DayWalker comes on here and builds you up like you are this amazing trader living in an incredible penthouse and raking in tons of money. You then appear and play the part of being mad at him and play up the part of being fantastically successful hoping that forum members are going to send you emails asking you for your incredible trade secrets and formulas. You then sell them some rehashed non-working system for tens of thousands of dollars and make out like a bandit. You also tell them that they are the only ones that you are going to sell this secret to and get them to sign some secracy NDA so they cannot talk about the deal afterwards.
Thread closed.
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