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T-Rex and DayWalker questions..

I didn't want to bring a "cancer" to the other threads going on so I started this one so you two can slug it out and I can be inquisitive. Could one or both of you tell us more about your "History" together? It seems that Daywalker has watched T-rex trade from his million dollar condo if I read the post correctly and I'm curious where this happened and what went "wrong" between you two. There is hostility there and also Daywalker is asking about trade setups which reminds me of MAX when he first arrived here at the forum. Also T-rex is saying that sucessful traders don't go to chat rooms so I was wondering what room he is refering too and why was he in there given the fact that DayWalker said he made his living from trading. Just didn't make sense to me...thanks for engaging me here.

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