Has anyone purchased their course or had any experience with them, good or bad, for real, legit? Thanks.
I watched this shadowtraders video. What are you talking about. This was an older mature woman named Barbara Cohen doing the video. There was no stuttering or pfumphering as another poster said about this video either. However, there are major red flags here. First this could not have been live as they claim because if you watch the number of bars that come up or even just the time that passes on the chart, it is a lot more than 8 minutes in trading time, yet this video is only 8 minutes. Seems deceptive to me. I have also been to 4 of her free webinars in which she had stated there are over 20 indicators used, but for this video they are only showing one. Well, 3 videos later they still never showed any of the others and a woman who bought this emailed me saying it is really a unique way of combining stochastics indicators together with MACD and 5 moving averages that are behind the system. Huh? They dont even talk about those indicators in all their free videos. Plus they never let you see the other participants. I think we all are in love with teir sexy platform as we would like to really have "fractal indicators" that let us know in advance where price will turn. Another poster said they ignore questions about stop losses. It is true. They never touch on the subject. Im not saying this Shadowtraders is a scam, but they sure seem to be hiding a lot of things. I hope a few of you can find even 3 people who will testify they are using this system profitably. BTW...NEVER buy a system or pay a lot of cash up front for any charting or chat room package when you cant find people that say they have made money with it. And yes I would be first in line to buy this system if I knew just three people in the world were making money with it. So let us know if you are one of them. -)

I'm trading off the Internet for 15 years. I know what the buzzwords are for trading vendors who may or may not be scammers. "Neural Networks, Fractal Geometry, Institutional Levels, Analytics,etc. But the best one is where they tell you they have pivots and their software can figure out where the Institutions are going to be buying so we can follow the big money. I spent more time looking at different chat rooms and software and charting vendors than actual trading. It is fun, and sometimes you actually pick up great hints or methods you want to try. And yes, I got burned bad once too. Im sure there are really good traders who want to educate you but wouldnt you all agree in 95% of cases the answer is really your own question...."Would I sell this to someone if I could make money with it." Now 5% would and in another post I wil tell you why. But thats one out of twenty vendors. Do you like betting on 20-1 shots? To be continued...
I bought their course and I go to their 4 day webinars, and since I did my first 4 day webinar I make money. I am a part time trader and I am very hesitant and cautious, very "gunshy", but I trade exactly what Barbara Cohen teaches about her CL countertrend strategy. I go for 3 ticks and I am very successful when I do not make mistakes, forget my rules etc.. I am not a trendtrader as Melanie Son teaches, but that is my personality. I woulds not like if everybody purchases the course and follow shadowtraders systems as it might stop working, especially the CL countertrend strategy, so please do not buy the course. CL has not enough trading volume and I would not get my 3 ticks if everybody followed that system. They have already too many clients I think. I do not know why they try to teach so many people their system as it works well enough to make money with trading. But only trading is so boring!
Real traders know how boring trading can be. You want to help people to make money like you do, especially if you really make money.
The problems is that everybody wants a signal service that gives you exact entry prices. Most people even want somebody who pulls the trigger for them, and if a service does not offer that, but teaches you a system to find the entry point yourself, they are called "scams" because they do not push the button for you. Every time I read on the internet about "trading scams" I know immediately if the person who does the posting trades realtime or just watches prices, read books, follow one chatroom after the other without making money etc. . Especially on CL it is hard to have the same entry price as the room moderator, but only a person who trades with real money knows that.
And: A room moderator will always be on sim as he or she talks, read questions, tries to answer them etc. . I would not like a trading room where the moderator trades his own account as he or she might be distracted by their own realtime trading account. But many non-realtime-trading-writing in forums-guys think that a room moderator is a scam because he is on sim.
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And yes I would be first in line to buy this system if I knew just three people in the world were making money with it. So let us know if you are one of them. -)

MS;">So now you have your three folks who purchased and made money, when are you going to join up?

I will be joining up very soon, so let's put our money where our mouth is, err keyboard, and not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Happy trading :)

(I am still learning this board, sorry for posting this in the wrong spot!) :)
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I attended one of their webinars sponsored by my broker, AMP, and was amazed at how well Ms. Cohen presented the concept of extracting money from the S&P e-Mini market as if it were taking candy from a baby. Geared strictly to the uneducated, never traded before novice, the entire presentation was false and misleading since it was based on the premise the software could predict the direction of the market.

The pitch is to become a "12 minute trader" and make more money scalping 2 ticks with size than you could ever earn if you left that cash in the bank.

These people are of the same ilk as those faith healers on late night television who make the crippled walk and the blind see. If you believe in miracles, Shadow Traders is for you. But trust me when I say it won't be a miracle when you lose your money in the market and all you'll have to show for it is a computer screen with more lines on it than Kennedy airport.

Interesting take on the one webinar you watched, I did not get that indication that their goal was to make you a 12 min trader lol

You sound very bitter and unhappy, have you actually gone through their training and education and tried the system? Or do you just enjoy generally bad-mouthing something you know virtually nothing about? I'm willing to put down the cash and figure it out and report in later, what are you willing to do?

I'll follow up with personal experience shortly, I am about to sign up myself.

I am a member of Shadow Traders and cannot believe the tutorials they give you for a once off fee.
The fee is $995 with 3 months free chat room. The chat room is $300 so you have your money's worth already and it's a fantastic way to learn the live market. Barbara is explaining things to you all the time and telling you when NOT to trade.

You are never told when to get into a trade, so if you are looking for a signal service this is not for you. With Shadow traders you are taught to trade.

You will never have to spend another penny and will make money after simming for a short period until profitable.If you are dedicated and spend the time learning you WILL be 100% profitable on your trades.

There is nothing earth shattering in the methods of trading but the training is superb. I think that those who are new as well as traders who have not made it yet, will be successful.

Barbara has thought of everything and as a result you will find a video on any subject to do with trading imaginable.

Barbara teaches to take 3 ticks and Melanie advises a 12 tick stop loss. I agree that Barbara does not go into stop losses and leaves it up to the individual, but the guideline of 12 ticks is sufficient as an emergency stop.

I have been trading for over 10 years and have written an ebook on day trading. Not for sale, so I am not trying to sell anything here.

Traders are people who love to share and help others to become successful, and I am one of those people and Barbara and Melanie are too (for a fee)

I do not work for Shadow Traders, I am a recent member, but am really impressed with what they have to offer.

If you want to ask me questions either in this forum or by email, I am happy to assist.

Kind regards


Yea; EAD!