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17 May 2005

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Session Start: Tue May 17 08:48:08 2005
Session Ident: #T1

[09:36:12] <guy> Shorts AB @ 591
[09:56:42] <guy> Covered all Short AB at 591.5 --> - 0.5

[10:35:59] <guy> ER2 'single print' strategy made $280 on its trade this morning: Single Print

[11:04:11] <guy> What made me short this morning was the line that dropped on the AlphaA1 indicator, combined with the fact that we were at the top of the opening range...
[11:04:22] <guy> and the VAH was below us
[11:04:38] <guy> so i was looking for the ER2 to trade back into the value area
[11:04:46] <gator> ok i see that
[11:05:01] <guy> AlphaA1 has 2 indicators
[11:05:08] <guy> the line is called the K-Line
[11:05:20] <guy> and then the bars are the Alpha bars
[11:05:34] <guy> The K-Line is very good at the open and at extremes
[11:05:54] <guy> so when ER2 is at HOD or LOD (which happens when it opens) then the K-Line is good
[11:06:14] <guy> the K-Line is also the confirmer and ads weight to the Alpha part
[11:06:23] <guy> I use the alpha and k-line as a filter
[11:06:29] <gator> i see
[11:06:36] <guy> so for example - if MP says go long
[11:06:44] <guy> and I see alpha and k-line saying going short
[11:06:47] <guy> then I stand aside
[11:07:03] <guy> so i try and use MP to pick places to go long and short
[11:07:18] <gator> ok
[11:07:21] <guy> and then confirm that by looking at alpha to see that it's not signalling in the opposite direction
[11:07:34] <guy> so in my case this morning i was particularly unlucky
[11:07:45] <guy> the signalling worked but it was too early
[11:08:55] <guy> that link is the main info page for alpha but it has yesterday afternoon's signal on it
[11:09:12] <guy> i'm showing you this because of yesterday's long ER2 that you might have seen me take
[11:09:28] <guy> i took it off that signal that you see on that web page
[11:09:46] <guy> .
[11:09:50] <guy> questions...
[11:10:54] <gator> i was out of town yesterday
[11:11:07] <gator> but i want to take a better look at it
[11:11:12] <guy> ah - okay - but did you leave your computer logged into chuck's room?
[11:11:19] <gator> no
[11:11:37] <gator> i was in charleston s c playint golf
[11:11:41] <guy> let me open my log file from yesteray and repost those trades... hang on...
[11:11:44] <guy> lucky you :)

[11:18:21] <guy> now see the A that i marked?
[11:18:36] <gator> y
[11:18:37] <guy> yes - you can use either gator or gator2 to type
[11:18:46] <guy> whichever you prefer
[11:19:08] <gator> ok
[11:19:09] <guy> that A marks the long for the Market Profile single print strategy that I'm forward testing
[11:19:49] <guy> that trade is being documented in this forum:
[11:19:50] <guy> Forum
[11:20:03] <guy> and there is a spreadsheet that i'm updating with notes
[11:20:23] <guy> so we are forward testing it in real time and watching the results
[11:20:27] <gator2> ok i need to watch that
[11:20:40] <guy> i would suggest that you take some time and read through that thread
[11:20:45] <guy> and look at the spreadsheet
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