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1 June 2005 (Wednesday)

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Session Start: Wed Jun 01 07:53:02 2005
Session Ident: #t1

[09:25:04] <mashhad> guy what are ur val and vah?
[09:25:08] <mashhad> ES
[09:27:24] <guy> hang on... i've just done something stupid on my computer so can't use esignal.
[09:28:17] <guy> Daily Notes:
[09:28:32] <guy> 96.5 and 93
[09:28:37] <guy> for ES on Daily Notes
[09:35:16] <guy> opening info for ER2
[09:35:37] <guy2> [img]
[09:36:26] <guy> ES opening info:
[09:36:33] <guy2> [img]
[09:36:35] <guy> ES coming up to VAL so this could be a short
[09:36:40] <guy> watch value of alpha here
[09:37:10] <guy> IMO alpha too high for short on ES right now
[09:37:35] <guy> ER2 trading in middle of VA
[09:38:40] <guy> alpha and k-line are flat on both ES and ER2 so I'm going to sit tight and watch right now
[09:39:31] <guy> mash: do you have same VA for ES as me?
[09:39:49] <mashhad> y
[09:40:07] <guy> My DVATool shows the VAL from yest. on ES at 93.5 but eSignal's MP has it at 93.00 I believe
[09:40:22] <guy> mash: you're just trading ES right?
[09:40:28] <mashhad> y
[09:41:12] <guy> okay: what i see here on ES right now
[09:41:18] <guy> is that k-line is strengthening
[09:41:29] <guy> and alpha is remaining positive but stable
[09:41:35] <guy> so i don't see any short confirmation
[09:41:48] <guy> so I (me personally) wouldn't short the ES here
[09:41:53] <guy> because of those factors
[09:42:08] <guy> although using MP style trading this is a short up against the VAL
[09:42:31] <guy> but I would hold off the short until k-line and alpha turned down
[09:43:41] <guy> Here is my image of the ES now:
[09:43:49] <guy2> [img]
[09:44:10] <guy> On the ER2 it's another story. Here we're waiting to see what alpha says at VAH
[09:44:23] <guy> Here is ER2
[09:44:38] <guy2> [img]
[09:44:45] <guy> just got to VAH while I was typing but alpha and k-line both still positive so not going to short just yet...
[09:51:34] <guy>
[09:51:34] <guy> Shorts ER2 @ 619.2
[09:51:34] <guy>

[09:51:57] <guy> here is chart for ER2:
[09:52:03] <guy2> [img]
[09:52:11] <guy> shorting off the VAH and alpha is not in buy mode
[09:52:20] <guy> this is a good setup but NOT a great setup
[09:52:29] <guy> a greeat setup would have alpha in sell mode
[09:52:40] <guy> a good setup does NOT have alpha in buy mode
[09:54:31] <guy> report at 10am
[09:54:41] <guy>
[09:54:41] <guy> exit stop lowered ER2 @ 619.1
[09:54:41] <guy>

[09:56:27] <guy>
[09:56:27] <guy> stop hit ER2 @ 619.1 --> + 0.1
[09:56:27] <guy>

[10:01:51] <guy> ES with alpha readings here:
[10:02:04] <guy2> [img]
[10:02:21] <guy> not sure how you managed that trade mash or if you just watched but alpha was indicating that we were going up
[10:02:30] <guy> and it proved to be a good filter for the short there
[10:03:12] <guy> however, depending on how your did or would have shorted that VAL it is possible that you took a small profit and stopped the rest at breakeven?
[10:04:00] <guy> as you can see - i was ultra cautious of that short without alpha support
[10:07:43] <mashhad> glad i didn't short ES!
[10:08:06] <mashhad> i was working a 6.50 bid ... canceled it right before the report
[10:08:14] <guy> very pleased to hear that you didn't :)
[10:11:05] <guy> 623.2 is April High
[10:11:59] <mashhad> with this size ib, i would think we should have a rotational day..right?
[10:12:38] <guy> could well
[10:12:50] <guy> could be a normal day
[10:15:28] <mashhad> k-line is about to turn white on es yet alpha still +??
[10:15:40] <guy> yes
[10:15:45] <guy> because we're at extremes
[11:00:33] <guy> rotation factors / split counts:
[11:00:41] <guy2> [img]
[11:15:26] <guy> current take on ER2:
[11:15:31] <guy2> [img]
[11:15:46] <guy> ER2 dipped to April High line
[11:15:58] <guy> DVAH comes up to meet this line
[11:16:09] <guy> alpha giving buy signals here
[11:17:11] <guy> ES chart:
[11:17:20] <guy> ES also dips and alpha shows buy in the dip
[11:17:28] <guy> so no sell signals from alpha up here
[11:17:29] <guy2> [img]
[11:17:59] <guy> correction to ER2 comment above -> DPOC line and not DVAH line
[11:30:25] <guy> split counts:
[11:30:28] <guy2> [img]
[12:02:23] <guy> split counts:
[12:02:36] <guy2> [img]
[12:30:19] <guy> RF/SC
[12:30:25] <guy2> [img]
[13:09:26] <guy> ER2 with alpha buy signals
[13:09:32] <guy2> [img]
[13:30:22] <guy> RF/SC:
[13:30:30] <guy2> [img]
[14:00:26] <guy> RFs/SCs
[14:00:31] <guy2> [img]
[14:09:09] <guy>
[14:09:09] <guy> Buys ER2 @ 624
[14:09:09] <guy>

[14:09:45] <guy>
[14:09:45] <guy> exit stop set ER2 @ 623
[14:09:45] <guy>

[14:10:21] <guy> ER2 chart with alpha buy signal:
[14:10:26] <guy2> [img]
[14:11:01] <guy> Also green circles at bottom of bars shown by the TimerA1 indicator
[14:11:05] <guy> help the timing of entry
[14:11:35] <guy> If you look at that chart you can see that TimerA1 has been pretty accurate up to this point
[14:11:42] <guy> in fact it's been spot on
[14:12:33] <guy> Buying in the face of a strong oil rally here...
[14:20:32] <guy>
[14:20:32] <guy> stop hit ER2 @ 623 --> - 1
[14:20:32] <guy>

[14:22:05] <tuna> qm 54.6
[14:22:40] <guy> DVAL at 622.4
[14:22:45] <guy2> [img]
[14:23:07] <guy>
[14:23:07] <guy> limit to enter long ER2 @ 622.4
[14:23:07] <guy>

[14:30:28] <guy> RF/SC
[14:30:34] <guy2> [img]
[14:30:57] <tuna> gut my dval is at 622.6 fwiw
[14:31:02] <tuna> guy
[14:31:03] <guy> DVAL has raised on ER2
[14:31:08] <guy2> [img]
[14:31:17] <guy> look at chart tuna: just popped up
[14:31:49] <guy> that's one of the great things about the DVATool - you can watch what the DVA has been doing
[14:31:50] <tuna> minr never got as low as 22.4
[14:32:07] <guy> have a look at the lime line on the chart
[14:32:12] <guy> it's been rising all the time
[14:32:29] <guy> OIL CLOSED
[14:33:41] <guy>
[14:33:41] <guy> Entered Long ER2 @ 622.4
[14:33:41] <guy>

[14:33:50] <mashhad> l 2.50
[14:34:17] <guy> DVAL dropped again:
[14:34:20] <guy> gl mash
[14:34:20] <guy2> [img]
[14:35:18] <guy>
[14:35:18] <guy> exit stop set ER2 @ 621
[14:35:18] <guy>

[14:35:24] <guy> Single at 620
[14:35:31] <guy2> [img]
[14:38:04] <guy> mash - looks like you're also using the DVAL and alpha buy signal on the ES
[14:40:06] <mashhad> yes
[14:40:21] <mashhad> the only thing that worries me is the k-line
[14:40:46] <guy> we're not near HOD or LOD so we can ignore that for now
[14:41:16] <guy> your trade is doing a lot better than mine
[14:41:22] <guy> you've got a point already
[14:41:29] <guy> i'm back to b/e
[14:42:20] <mashhad> does not look so good anymore
[14:42:52] <mashhad> out -1.5 x 2
[14:44:05] <guy>
[14:44:05] <guy> stop hit ER2 @ 621 --> - 1.4
[14:44:05] <guy>

[14:44:13] <guy> ouch - that was brutal
[14:44:35] <mashhad> guy, have u done any changes to alpha since last week?
[14:45:41] <guy> yes
[14:47:17] <mashhad> that might be why i feel it's signals are a little different
[14:48:03] <mashhad> its difficult to develop a feel for an indicator if it gets changed
[14:49:55] <guy> no - values are the same
[14:50:06] <guy> i made a change for the holiday yesterday
[14:50:19] <guy> just to ignore the holiday
[14:51:07] <guy> we sliced straight through the single made in the E bracket
[14:56:10] <tuna> yup
[15:24:10] <guy> ER2 is trying to get back into DVA
[15:24:20] <guy2> [img]
[15:27:09] <tuna> yup
[15:30:38] <guy> ES might pop long here...
[15:31:12] <mashhad> why here?
[15:32:19] <guy> alpha is in good buy mode and ER2 has just popped ahead of it and DVAL is not far off so easy to move back into
[15:49:00] <guy2> [img]
[15:49:07] <guy> An anotated look back at the ER2 over the last couple of hours

[17:26:33] * Disconnected
Session Close: Wed Jun 01 17:26:36 2005
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