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Friday 12-21-07

Shorting up here at 88.50 for 85 retest and then 80 if lucky...this 86-90 is a key zone to concern is that the market is/was ready to POP with that previous consolidation....other concern is that they sold it off directly from the open yesterday so I'm not looking for that quick thrust down today
ok, stop at 88.25 on runners...not much working as this was overnight trade initiation and I trade lighter there....still have concern that this could rally as Weekly Pivot concept still in force. Moved next target to 82.50 and then 80.25..then I'm out of ammo!
shorting 88 lows is target....this reversal may fake me out..test and reverse of the 90 was / is setup..
89.25 is stop loss which is tight for me.,.,,but thinking is that it has to perform and quickly or I don't want to stay in
thoughts go to " which way is 30 minute range to be broken ?/" if downside then I win...if upside then I will have been stopped out...4 minutes left for 30 minute range to form...trying to front run
Here are the respective 10,000V ES chart and 2,000V NQ chart. I haven't counted the bars but from a cursory visual inspection it looks like our estimate of 2,000V in NQ to 10,000V in ES was pretty accurate.

Click image for original size
ES 10,000V chart showing previous and overnight and early action for 12/21/2007.

Click image for original size
NQ 2,000V chart showing previous and overnight and early action for 12/21/2007.
thanks for the posting the charts DT, they line up reasonably well.

notice the little divergence there between the NQ and the ES around 9:40... also note the ER2 made a lower high along with the NQ, pretty much put a lid on the upside on that swing.
longs trying again here... NQ 2117 seems to be holding as support for now.

market moving slow this morning...
stopped out...greedy on that and it cost me..should have taken something off but thought I knew better then the market
going at this at 92.25..a little looser this time..89.75 is first taret
little Head and Sholders in the ER2

NQ double top at resistance

entered short NQ on the retest
Alexis C. Montenegro © December 2004
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function preMain() {

setCursorLabelName("Tenkan", 0);
setCursorLabelName("Kijun", 1);
setCursorLabelName("Chikou", 2);
setCursorLabelName("SenkouA", 3);
setCursorLabelName("SenkouB", 4);
setDefaultBarStyle(PS_SOLID, 0);
setDefaultBarStyle(PS_SOLID, 1);
setDefaultBarStyle(PS_DASH, 2);
setDefaultBarStyle(PS_SOLID, 3);
setDefaultBarStyle(PS_SOLID, 4);
setDefaultBarFgColor(, 0);
setDefaultBarFgColor(, 1);
setDefaultBarFgColor(, 2);
setDefaultBarFgColor(Color.purple, 3);
setDefaultBarFgColor(, 4);
setDefaultBarThickness(3, 0);
setDefaultBarThickness(3, 1);
setDefaultBarThickness(2, 2);
setDefaultBarThickness(1, 3);
setDefaultBarThickness(1, 4);
setPlotType(PLOTTYPE_LINE, 0);
setPlotType(PLOTTYPE_LINE, 1);
setPlotType(PLOTTYPE_LINE, 2);
setPlotType(PLOTTYPE_LINE, 3);
setPlotType(PLOTTYPE_LINE, 4);

var bInit = false;
var vInterval = null;
var Tenkan = null;
var Kijun = null;
var xChikou = null;
var Senkou = null;

function main(Interval) {

if (bInit==false) {
if(Interval==null) Interval = getInterval();
vInterval = Interval;
Tenkan = middleDonchian(9,inv(vInterval));
Kijun = middleDonchian(26,inv(vInterval));
xChikou = close(inv(vInterval));
Senkou = efsInternal("calcSenkou",inv(vInterval));

var Chikou = offsetSeries(xChikou,-26);
} else {
var Chikou = close(26,inv(vInterval));

var SenkouA = getSeries(Senkou);
var SenkouB = getSeries(Senkou,1);

if (SenkouA>SenkouB)
if (SenkouA<SenkouB)

return new Array(getSeries(Tenkan),getSeries(Kijun),Chikou,SenkouA,SenkouB);

function calcSenkou(source) {

return new Array (offsetSeries(middleDonchian(52),26),(offsetSeries(middleDonchian(9),26)+offsetSeries(middleDonchian(26),26))/2);
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