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Friday 12-21-07

Shorting up here at 88.50 for 85 retest and then 80 if lucky...this 86-90 is a key zone to concern is that the market is/was ready to POP with that previous consolidation....other concern is that they sold it off directly from the open yesterday so I'm not looking for that quick thrust down today
stop on runners is now at 91.50 with one tick above the open as next target,,87.75,thoughts obviously go to which way will hour range run out..
NQ heading back down for another test of support around the 17-18 level....trailing stop on short to 2124.50
looks like they trying to push it out of the far..on gaps that open outside of range ( especially on those) I like to use the plus 2.5, plus 4 and 5.5 as areas to initiate...on gap up I will look for sells at these those numbers get added to the open print...confluence with overnight range and 30 and 60 minute highs and/or lows helps the process...
had to cover runners at 89.75..triples forming on upside with this not going against that...flat...
good work Bruce...good day to take what the market will give you.
covered NQ short at support +7.5
4 bars with matching highs at shorts for me right now...we had a triple failure yesterday...could happen again but I'm not going against it..where is the volume..? where is a signal to get long???..that hour range...the weekly pivot still above...trying at 88.75 on long
little buy signal here at support, not taking it however...
excellent PT....This will be a tough day to trend I think...nice cover..I'm trying for those matching highs with a bounce off of the open 5 minute and then the outside bar but there is no volume...I need this to go up...and will try for those bars , then the 60 minute high and then 94.50.....with that said it will probably reverse down from
Originally posted by pt_emini

covered NQ short at support +7.5

a small holiday miracle just unfolded for'll post a chart later with the bounce off the 5 minute high and the outside bar to get this going
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function preMain() {

setCursorLabelName("Tenkan", 0);
setCursorLabelName("Kijun", 1);
setCursorLabelName("Chikou", 2);
setCursorLabelName("SenkouA", 3);
setCursorLabelName("SenkouB", 4);
setDefaultBarStyle(PS_SOLID, 0);
setDefaultBarStyle(PS_SOLID, 1);
setDefaultBarStyle(PS_DASH, 2);
setDefaultBarStyle(PS_SOLID, 3);
setDefaultBarStyle(PS_SOLID, 4);
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setDefaultBarFgColor(Color.purple, 3);
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setPlotType(PLOTTYPE_LINE, 1);
setPlotType(PLOTTYPE_LINE, 2);
setPlotType(PLOTTYPE_LINE, 3);
setPlotType(PLOTTYPE_LINE, 4);

var bInit = false;
var vInterval = null;
var Tenkan = null;
var Kijun = null;
var xChikou = null;
var Senkou = null;

function main(Interval) {

if (bInit==false) {
if(Interval==null) Interval = getInterval();
vInterval = Interval;
Tenkan = middleDonchian(9,inv(vInterval));
Kijun = middleDonchian(26,inv(vInterval));
xChikou = close(inv(vInterval));
Senkou = efsInternal("calcSenkou",inv(vInterval));

var Chikou = offsetSeries(xChikou,-26);
} else {
var Chikou = close(26,inv(vInterval));

var SenkouA = getSeries(Senkou);
var SenkouB = getSeries(Senkou,1);

if (SenkouA>SenkouB)
if (SenkouA<SenkouB)

return new Array(getSeries(Tenkan),getSeries(Kijun),Chikou,SenkouA,SenkouB);

function calcSenkou(source) {

return new Array (offsetSeries(middleDonchian(52),26),(offsetSeries(middleDonchian(9),26)+offsetSeries(middleDonchian(26),26))/2);
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