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Friday 01-04-08

Longs started in overnight at 48 even......52.50 is first target.
so they broke the first two days trading days of the week to the downside and I'm trying to fade that...will not be thrilled if we open in real time below the 1445 and find resistence at the 50 plan will be to add at 42 area if needed and then target up at the 46 area...secondary targets if no add ons are 55 and then 58...looks like no weekly pivot going to hit today....

"B" pattern on multi day profile will hopefully find more buyers down here with me...c'mon guys...wake Up!!!
just added at 41.75..46 is target
now I wait to see how much of a whole I need to dig out of...fairly light on contracts as this is overnight...added at 41 on those is whole in the chart at 43.75
Hi Bruce - first timer here :) if you do not mind, I have a question: What is your profit target per trade? how many points? Thanks and good trading!
The only BruceM Triples I have on the 10kv is at 1468.0

Whem my macd turns up I will go long with first target of 1451 per maroon line on chart, which simply is = (50 length HH + LL /2)

got the 43.75 and then got again at 43.75 again...
revising initial target to 42.50
Hi Alex and welcome...I usually trade for prices and areas I see on the chart so while I like to take some profit usually in a 2.5 to 4 point range I really look at areas I expect to get tested on the also depends on if I add to a position....If I have averaged in for a third time then I have smaller targets as I am looking to make good on a trade that had the potential to go against me....I can explain more while not in a trade later...I hope that helps for now...
Originally posted by Stowaway

Hi Bruce - first timer here :) if you do not mind, I have a question: What is your profit target per trade? how many points? Thanks and good trading!

I'll be adding at 34.50 if we break the 30 minute low and then target 37.50...
might be a bear flag here - sell stop in place at lod
Update on that prediction...I keep getting stopped out at 1 tick profit and back in....but now new low of 1391..ok...any much lower got me thinking....this week the hardest for me in a long time, in terms of direction..I thought we would me up much up by now given last week, but 71 pts down for it to go up same had to go lower..but how much lower is the question.

Yes, its going to turn up a good 40-55 pts but at what should tell I think. So yes I still at lower price of 1393.50 and both at 1 tick profit..1393.75.

If I get stopped out will try again....but depends on price and time

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