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What the H - E - Double toothpicks!!

Is emini S&P really down at 1265 on this holiday session...How come I can't get an order in to buy like a IB data is F*&^ing me up today/////whats the real story...I want longs if this is real....and I want them by the boatload......


Just got back from a mini vacation...much to short!!
It is really down, wow.Just got home from work!!! I am long @ 1268.75.after it failed to make a lower low @ from the close @ 1263.75. Bought it @ 18:15. I thinkg they are going to push it back up to 1300 tonight and then continue on the downside tomorrow @ the open.

Welcome back Bruce, missed your posts for a few days!!!
wow, this thing is going lower, I am getting out @1260.50. Tomorrow should be an interesting day.
Just got stopped out @ 1260.50. plan just started....long 3 at 1261.75...I will be buying 3 more at next drop at 1255 ( if it happens ) another 6 at 1247...I will re- evaluate in day session...obviously high risk so I'm going small as I often do in overnight although if 3rd set of contracts go on then this isn't small amount for me....I will not be happy or stop in overnight but will derive one in day session

targets are as follows...

if only the 1261's are on then 1281 is all out

if add goes on 1255 then all out at 1275

if last ones go on at 1247 then 1267 is all out

Hopefully this won't be too long a will need to buy puts if we lock limit in day session...but then I'll need advice from my options guru/friend as the amount I know about options could fit on the head of a pin....
this seems to have a lot of work to do on the upside and the 68.75 is the first real challenge if / when it comes.....then 78.50 - 81.50 is gonna be a pain in the arse.....

edit : mistake on above..first trouble comes in at 65 - 67.50 for me..not far away....
Just got back in @ 1263.25, going long.
The first set of yellow bars are Friday's action and the second set is holiday Monday's session. The white bars are Sunday overnight and Monday overnight sessions respectively. The chart is a 10,000V chart.
Click image for original size
ES Market action on holiday Monday evening 1/21/2008 on 10,000V chart.
I thought I'd be adding to this and I am pleasantly surprised by this quick move my stop is in. I won't be adding and will take a loss if we trade back to the 1260 area...from the current 1267.75 price...stop will adjust if I can see 71 print.. .hitting my first trouble zone now....
Good luck Bruce and welcome back from your vacation
Thanks's imperative that they don't start staying too far under the 1265 now........crazy markets....
Great job Ruvan!! I did not know that the CME had this rule. And thank you Bruce for the link.