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What the H - E - Double toothpicks!!

Is emini S&P really down at 1265 on this holiday session...How come I can't get an order in to buy like a IB data is F*&^ing me up today/////whats the real story...I want longs if this is real....and I want them by the boatload......


Just got back from a mini vacation...much to short!!
I trade 1 ct. My goal is to make 500$ a day.I average 5-6 trades per day for the last month.I look for 4-5 points per trade ussually, depends how volatile is the market. I like to enter arround pivot points. I am very new at this, and still dealing with my emotions,patience, discipline. When I am right with the market direction I add on to my position (sometimes). This is my plan for now, still working hard to come up with something consistent.
wow, got stoped out again, 1 pt loss!!! volatility is nuts right now!!! not very liquid.
I just got stopped at 64.50...they really dragged that around at my key number...this is fast for same plane is in effect...only fill is at 60.75...this is nuts....
same add on's exist...imperitive to get over 1266 now..... then will try for 1271 again........this won't be easy///

"same "plan" is in't type and trade
Almost all the foreign markets were crushed yesterday; I have never seen futures down so much, if we stay down here at the open, the dow will open down - 3-4 hundred points?
this is trying to build above that 65 area......after the 71 area I have 77.50 on my radar but I think I'm having a poor read on volume tonight....that 65 is critical and acceptance below that will not be cool
that's me done: two off at 71.50 and last one at 73.25...I got to watch that...77.50 is next tough number but I'm not trading now....
nice double bottom there at 1260

not much in the way of a bounce in the ER2 however, till I see some confirmation in the ER2, will view bounces as short opportunities...
nicely done Bruce !
thanks may have noticed that we had that stronger push on that last one minute bar up into the 1274 number...this left a gap on the one minute at 1271.25, so I did not want to out stay my welcome and have to deal with that as I though they would bring it back from some point to fill it in....
Great job Ruvan!! I did not know that the CME had this rule. And thank you Bruce for the link.