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What the H - E - Double toothpicks!!

Is emini S&P really down at 1265 on this holiday session...How come I can't get an order in to buy like a IB data is F*&^ing me up today/////whats the real story...I want longs if this is real....and I want them by the boatload......


Just got back from a mini vacation...much to short!!
yeah i noticed selling came in at 1272.00 as well...
ES drifting back down into support at 1260
entered Long ES 1260.00

stop 1259.00
little bounce off 60 ran into sellers sitting on 63, need to break 63.50 to get a pop
stopped out ES Long at b/e
buyers jumped on that sweep of 60 and ran it right back to 63...
Am I correct in saying that we're looking at a 5% loss in the ES (from Friday) now? I know that all markets have been hit by this, what are the general reasons being given?
What I have been reading is blaming it on the Bush proposal being to little too late... Fed being to slow and reactive... general loss of confidence in policy makers.
ER2 coming into a test of it's lows at 640
why is the ES stuck @ 1255.50? is it just my software? does anyone else have the same problem?
Great job Ruvan!! I did not know that the CME had this rule. And thank you Bruce for the link.