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21 June 2005 (Tuesday)

Session Start: Tue Jun 21 07:36:36 2005
Session Ident: #t1
[09:54:22] <guy> gm all
[09:55:56] <guy> mikee: you're a Fibonacci trader. Let me know if you think that this page is going to be of any use: Fibonacci Numbers
[09:56:44] <guy> State Street Investor Confidence Index 10:00 ET
[10:00:59] <guy> ER2 to now...
[10:01:05] <signal>
[11:34:21] <guy> Innerworth: On your own and loving it
[12:15:59] <tuna> how about some rotation factors guy?
[12:19:51] <fspeculator> i never quite understood the psycho stuff wrt trading
[12:19:56] <fspeculator> but maybe it's just me
[12:21:01] <tuna> lotsa psychos trade
[12:24:11] <guy> RF's coming up
[12:24:17] <signal>
[12:24:19] <guy> sorry - half asleep here
[12:33:53] <guy> Updated RFs:
[12:34:03] <signal>
[12:48:30] <guy> .
[12:48:41] <guy> Update: as you know the market is going sideways
[12:48:59] <guy> alpha and k-line are negative indicating that if any trade is taken it should be a short trade
[12:49:10] <guy> we are just below DVAH and VAH
[12:49:28] <guy> IBH is about 1.5 handles above us in the ER2
[12:49:36] <guy> today is a normal day so far
[12:49:42] <guy> MP normal day
[13:00:38] <guy> More RF's coming up...
[13:00:47] <signal>
[14:30:01] <guy> Oil Futures closed
[14:30:31] <guy> Rotation Factors:
[14:30:45] <signal>
[15:01:03] <signal>
[15:04:20] <fspeculator> stock indices are a joke
[15:04:39] <fspeculator> since fed pumped agressively in april-may to reverse the drop
[15:04:53] <fspeculator> they're inching up little by little day by day
[15:09:20] <fspeculator>
[15:30:01] <guy> Bond Futures closed
[15:34:01] <guy> this has been a very tight and untradable day
[15:34:08] <guy> did anybody make any trades?
[15:34:19] <guy> fspec: you trade today?
[15:34:40] <fspeculator> i was lucky to catch the whole runup in currencies (JPY and EUR)
[15:34:50] <guy> wd!
[15:36:01] <fspeculator>
[15:36:17] <fspeculator> still EUR is the weakest of all (CAD, AUD, etc doing much better)
[15:37:28] <guy> how are you trading them fspec?
[15:37:47] <fspeculator> just the CME futures
[15:38:00] <fspeculator> you mean method?
[15:38:19] <js> ZB was OK
[15:38:44] <fspeculator> i js how do you trade a trend day like this?
[15:39:41] <fspeculator> did you buy the breakout after RE up confirmed?
[15:39:41] <guy> no i meant CME
[15:40:24] <js> ZB was hovering around VAH and once it trended I bought the pause at '24
[15:40:31] <fspeculator> i wouldn't touch spot forex
[15:40:42] <fspeculator> unless i had a small account and wanted to do 10k minilots
[15:41:02] <fspeculator> or if i wanted to trade odd spreads
[15:41:13] <fspeculator> odd=unusual
[15:41:16] <js> I exited at '29 which was yesterday's high or rather 1 tick before that
[15:42:13] <guy> good trading js
[15:42:30] <fspeculator> i asked in pitstock, but didn't get satisfactory answer (imo)
[15:42:33] <js> thx
[15:43:15] <fspeculator> i would expect that currency zone capital inflows/outflows would have impact on assets
[15:43:25] <fspeculator> i.e. if EUR/USD does a -12% in 6mo
[15:43:39] <fspeculator> i'd have expected that assets in eurozone to get depressed in price
[15:43:47] <fspeculator> i.e. bonds, STIRs etc
[15:44:24] <fspeculator> i mean, the capital "flying into safety of USD" (lollllllllllllll) must have been parked somewhere while in euroland
[15:45:17] <fspeculator> to give an example, i'd have sold my german bonds, converted the proceeds into USD and bought something in US (bonds, stocks, tbills, cash under mattress)
[15:46:10] <fspeculator> does my question makes sense to you guys?
[15:47:20] <js> You have to buy Wizetrade fspec then its OK ;)
[15:49:48] <fspeculator> i thought so... Wize is a charting sw
[15:51:47] <js> Wizetrade is the key to riches....for the seller
[16:03:36] <guy> gn everyone
[16:54:15] * Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Jun 21 16:54:18 2005
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