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Out of Steam?

Out of steam? Thats what I'm counting on, Short from around 1278.75 looking for 1250is levels. I've got some major resistance 1279-1282 plus the market hiting some old tops from 07/09.....
I have 78.50 - 81 as resistance based on Volume today....if they can't sell it off from here then they will go get those double prints
I mention this for reference as I know a few of you are investigating Market profile concepts.....when a market trades on both sides of its 60 minute range the market profile folks will expect one of two things to happen:

1) a close in the middle of its range or

2) a close on an extreme

Hopefully this will be of help if you get a good signal.
my vote is for a close in the middle of the range but I would like to see those double tpo's get cleaned out at the highs...the NQ is working on a "do nothing " type day as it hasn't been able to break it's 60 minute high or low.

I always find trades more difficult when they are initiated inside the 60 minute range after the first 90 minutes to 2 hours of trading..this implies that there aren't big players in least that's how I read it
divergence in the breadth is like watching grass grow
everyone waiting for those 8:30 numbers again...i'm just watching too
Looking at the charts today it was a smaller range today than it has been in the past 4 days, due mostly to the news in the A.M. coming out. Friday is going to be an important day I think, I am looking for longs above todays high 1284.75 with some resistance @ 1291.25 (old top) and some singles @ 1303.25. But on the other hand looking for some good shorting below todays low 1265, with that gap almost filled I am looking at some singles @ 1257.25, and 1244. Also I think alot of larger time frame traders are watching this level hoping to see some highier highs or highier lows. Witch is way we have been seeing a lot of gap and fades latley. I mean the 30min ES looks goofy...Just my thoughts anyway short if it goes down long if it goes up LOL perrty simple huh?

Short from 1291, good place for the market to take a pullback. Old high from 7/22, looking for 15 points, right above this A.M. low. It broke above the weekly pivot finding suppot there now.
I know by all my posts I must seem like an idiot that only nows where the sell button is, but I do go long...
Need to break thru that poc @ 1286.50... 20min to go
ES low this A.M 1271.25 so far was the naked POC from 2 days ago. And the high thus far is low sq root +.146. I wonder what the stats on a gap filling when markets already half way there?
Joe; the market has bad breadth (lol) think we'll get above 81-82?
What a great run i love this "bear" market...51.5 ES pts in a day and a 1/2. Markets hit a bumb @ 1313.5 right above the Wpivot and 1315 Is major Sq of nine, and 1307 is a monthly pivot with a very nice doji and weaking MP today, filling in singles from today at the 12:00 bar and 11:30 bar. After going long for so long its tuff to pull the trigger at times and step in front of the bull train, but once again proved worth it.
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