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An Area I Watch

The last 15min. candle of the RTH (3:45ET) I mark this candle and keep a record of prior candles. Today I have yesterday candle
Hi 1283.75 Lo 1279.50 and below that candle I have marked a prior candle Hi 1278.00 Lo 1271.50. I draw a line in the middle of the candle. A check of price action reveal how these areas act; also alot of supp/res can be found here (poc-pivots-ect.) Just my 2cents.

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redsixspeed's chart
We still have those singles @ 1244 and than naked POC is one tick below fridays low, and that naked POC from last thursday. Just as a note Friday we didn't break opening range by mid morning so it was a classic day to buy at the extreams of the VAH and VAL areas and sell back at the avg price, which if detected early in the day can make for more profits than good treding days imo. I love those big fat bell shaped days, I used to wish I was fishing on the range bound days.
We still have that unfilled gap on the 30min ES day chart @ 1235.75 on 7/29 when it started this last upmove.
c'mon joe me out I'm long from 51.75......we gotta fill that upper part of the 'b' pattern...hopefully soon
lol...hey if I could control it with my mind it would go from 600-1600 4x a day...
You need a 30min close above the monthly pivot @ 1254
I'm also hoping we don't get a 30 minute close below 1250..perhaps the Nq will help me out at it's high volume zone from friday and go fill it's gap from friday....ES still stuck at the minus 8 number....
Originally posted by CharterJoe

You need a 30min close above the monthly pivot @ 1254

I ate the loser at try for me will be down at 48.75 - 45 area...
Hey Redsixspeed,

I apologize to you for posting trades on this thread. I lost track of where I was this is about the 15 minute bars...

Have you ever watched the first 15 minutes of the real time session ? Many do and use it as an opening range for bigger moves. Crabel has written about it and I think Clayburg etc...

A buddy of mine says that the first 15 minutes break ( high or low) will signify the first 60 minute range high or low over 70% of the time.

In other words a break of the 15 minute high or low will establish one side of the initial balance over 70 % of the time ( unverified ) he also keeps track of the midrange.

Fridays 15 minute range close kept the market in check today ( so far)and we also had the weekly pivot there...very cool
Hey Bruce; No problem with posting trades here.
I lost connection for a period of time. I have read Crabel system but haven't studied it enough to use it. MP is great!!
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