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I am selling one here at 1296.75. 3 point stop.
if not stopped out, i will cover around the 1294 area.
filled at 1294.75,up plus 2 for the day.
selling 1297.00, 2 point stop
I will cover at 1292.00
covering at 1294.50
I think they should tag the 88 number today...the question is "when" and from what price can we hold our shorts without suffering too much bias is still short from the trade idea from yesterday...good luck today KOOL...
up 4.50 handles and watching....
Thanks ,Bruce. I guarentee you will see 1288.75, possibly 1282 today. First stop likely to be some minor resistance at 1291 area tho.
One hour to a decent cycle low.(1288 area?)
kool, how do you calculate those cycles? thx
Will you explain why you took this trade? Yes you will.... hopefully.........besides the retest of the Value area low of course...perhaps that was it....

applied knowledge is power....knowledge alone is not enough!!!
Originally posted by SPQR

Did I fade 90.50? Why yes I did. Is 81 still my target? Why yes it is.

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