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I am selling one here at 1296.75. 3 point stop.
Has any one every traded the AB here that often? I am watching them on there IB breakouts and there very fast and large most of the time. Like today it broke 739.5 (IB broken) then tanked to 736.1 I have been watching this every day, I need a alerts to warn me of a break coming because with my full attension on the ES I find it distracting looking for other oppertunities, but this is too good to pass it, you could scalp at least 1 to 2.5 point's veries depends on day and looks to good to pass up. Any way thought I'd pass this little nugget on as I am soon going to capitalize on it myself.
Any way I'll start a new thread and see if we can't come up with some solid rules and filters. But from what I have seen the last few weeks looks like a million dollar idea. Never really noticed the AB until that thread daytrading had about not trading on the CME soon.
Will you explain why you took this trade? Yes you will.... hopefully.........besides the retest of the Value area low of course...perhaps that was it....

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Did I fade 90.50? Why yes I did. Is 81 still my target? Why yes it is.