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I am selling one here at 1296.75. 3 point stop.
Look at this. Is Koolio a wizard or what.
Not me ,bro, that was Bruces call... I just agreed with it.
I think I'll fade 90.50 and target 81 for s&g. Bears stood aside three sessions. One voice today methinks.
cool Joe..this is where my last measly contract will come off......if the trading Gods allow it....
Originally posted by CharterJoe

Targeting 83

just bailed on last at 84.25..not worth hanging around for the last bit for me....
we are also heading into the top side of that "p" formation from Wednesday so it may hit support....either way it's not worth it on a Friday/holiday week
I agree....Next weeks a new month I wonder how its going to effect my calls on the monthly profile??

MP vs. GAP which do you find to be a stronger s/r
I should say value area vs. gap
I'd say most of the time the value area, but it all depends on market dynamics i.e. every day is different, should be looked at as a whole.
Will you explain why you took this trade? Yes you will.... hopefully.........besides the retest of the Value area low of course...perhaps that was it....

applied knowledge is power....knowledge alone is not enough!!!
Originally posted by SPQR

Did I fade 90.50? Why yes I did. Is 81 still my target? Why yes it is.

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