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I am selling one here at 1296.75. 3 point stop.

Yesterdays high at 1300 was the longer term sept contract VAH. And looks like were set to open back into the monthly VA. And on the weekly profile theres still that gap in between mon-wends and yesterday.
I've begun shorts at 97.25 today....
unfortunately the add point is fairly high up....near 1301...
Someday ill reveal that pops. ITS something ive developed and quite simple to calculate. Im a little reluctant to share all my tricks because it opens me up to ridicule and i dont need that. Alot of traders spend a lot of time and effort and coin on fancy systems and would naturally resent a simple trading strategy like mine.Remember only 10% or so of traders suceed. That breeds a lot of bitterness.Having said all that i joined this forum to learn from others, and will no doubt get over my shyness at some point.It should be pointed out that although im banking some coin im really just average as a trader... too much of a wildman who loves the thrill of the trade. im very lucky that my methods are so powerful that i dont get stung to much.Actually you would be better off learning from Charter Joe or spqr, both of whom are better traders in my opinion.
dam, i just missed my short area cause i was typing!sheez!
Id like to see 1291.50 on this little cycle low to keep things going today.
best so far is 93.25..trying for the 88.75 if real lucky.....that was a harder trade for me as I didn't have the tick's really pushing as I would have liked...but the volume was there...don't think that double low will hold today...
The markets opened within yesterdays value and traded to yeterdays VAL and then poped 5 points up in a hurry.
Targeting 83
Will you explain why you took this trade? Yes you will.... hopefully.........besides the retest of the Value area low of course...perhaps that was it....

applied knowledge is power....knowledge alone is not enough!!!
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Did I fade 90.50? Why yes I did. Is 81 still my target? Why yes it is.