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Short one es from 1243.50,covering here at 1229.50.
buying 4 @ 1234.50
selling 2 1241.25
Sold 38.5 1min RSI looked really bad on that range extension. +5.25 on that one.
compx didn't get the new high also..good cover joe
Kool My next set ups a Short @ 41.75, thats the monthly VAL.
Anyone have any stats on what happens the last hour for the week of a big decline week like this weeks?
I'm short @ 38.50
thats my price too ,but i keep getting a projection to 1243.50.Note how the nasdaq is now lagging , so a hortterm top is coming soon
42 is the monthly VAL, 43.25 is sq root =.382 off the low this A.M., 43 is sq of nine, 44.16 is the weekly pivot, 41 is the VWAP of yesterday and 41.5 is the POC from yesterday.
Any stats on the "unfilled" 80% rule....? I heard Ann Tedisco mention it about 8 years ago but much like the 80 % rule itself there seems to be no real statistics on it.....
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

I have been observing all of your posts for a while and wanted to thank you all for all you have shared. FWIW, keep an eye on 54.25 (yesterday's UVA) for Monday as we have an unfulfilled 80% rule today. If it continues to head for the Gulf as a 3 or 4, Ike may make it moot but like gaps filling, eventually unfulfilled 80%s tend to fulfill. Also, we have single ticks from yesterday between 55.5 and 61.5.

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