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Short one es from 1243.50,covering here at 1229.50.
1223 has become poc for day so far, could be a nice support level, time will tell
selling 2 1227.50
wow stop at 4 points , 1231.50. think im dead meat here
looking to short around 1238
sigh...stopped..nowdown 9 for the day.Note to all newbies once again i called this very well . support at 1217, possibility of a dead cat bounce begining, but i didnt have the patience to buy and hold!
why was was 1217 important to you...? I had it because we were in the 2.5 - 5 point window below a pivot number (s1).....volume and ticks came in as usual when we have an area of interest...
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stopped at 1232.5 breakeven today.. buying 4 at 1217.50

Lots of great stuff gets posted on these dialy threads that I'm afraid it's going to get lost......It would be cool if we could get the ideas into seperate threads....

For example we have Reds calander link

Pops 90% days

Kools cycles and overall market views

Joe's Mp

I'm just throwing these out quick to make a point..and don't mean to leave anybody out.......I've obviously left out tons of content posted by all but how will we ( or anybody ) find it in the future....any thoughts or does it not matter?

For me I'm still long thge 1238 ( 3 contracts)and the 1221.50 ( 9 ) I need to get back to reality....I didnot like holding that a deer in headlithts some times.....
cycle projections given from first down movement off of 1303. also, the fact that we were so short term oversold and given the fact that the cycle causing this retest isnt due to bottom for at least a week led me to believe that it was an opportune time to begin a rebound(which i believe will be short ). see my commentary on page one. Iwrote that to show i really do understand market analysis even tho i dont trade like it always!
One might ask the question, is it possible to trade this market?
Ps: the actual projection from the 60 min chart was 1219.75,thats why i bought 1220.25, but more accurate shorter term charts keep giving me 1217.50 and 1210- 11.So like all technical analysis its not perfect. But remember i dont believe the decline is over even if we rebound for a few days! Your idea of a thread is a good one , since i would rather use this one for actual trades and not tie it up with too much analysis.
Any stats on the "unfilled" 80% rule....? I heard Ann Tedisco mention it about 8 years ago but much like the 80 % rule itself there seems to be no real statistics on it.....
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I have been observing all of your posts for a while and wanted to thank you all for all you have shared. FWIW, keep an eye on 54.25 (yesterday's UVA) for Monday as we have an unfulfilled 80% rule today. If it continues to head for the Gulf as a 3 or 4, Ike may make it moot but like gaps filling, eventually unfulfilled 80%s tend to fulfill. Also, we have single ticks from yesterday between 55.5 and 61.5.