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Short one es from 1243.50,covering here at 1229.50.
rofl! sounds like we are all after the same areas! good luck all.
Shorted some more @ 42.25 Avg @ 40.375
still waiting to short, watching er2 xlf and xly, they haven't softened up enough yet imo
out at 1239.50. dam that puppy moves fast
Covered @ 37 + 2.5 on that one....I was on the phone, boy is that tough.
The reason I exited was 66.25 was yesterdays VAL, should have reversed....
if by some chance we hit that 1243 area ,i will sell one and keep it over the weekend.
Short @ 41 thats the monthly VAL it's falling.
Good call Joe, so far anyway
Any stats on the "unfilled" 80% rule....? I heard Ann Tedisco mention it about 8 years ago but much like the 80 % rule itself there seems to be no real statistics on it.....
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

I have been observing all of your posts for a while and wanted to thank you all for all you have shared. FWIW, keep an eye on 54.25 (yesterday's UVA) for Monday as we have an unfulfilled 80% rule today. If it continues to head for the Gulf as a 3 or 4, Ike may make it moot but like gaps filling, eventually unfulfilled 80%s tend to fulfill. Also, we have single ticks from yesterday between 55.5 and 61.5.

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