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ES 09-25-08

I still smell a rally to the upside.
Margie, Pop one more 5 min bar for cycle peak
Trying again short one 1217.50
out 11:38 one min. bar
Hey are a great trader!...question: in trading the do you keep from making
pre-mature" short/sell entries into the ES when using the william%R(14 setting) off of a 5 minute chart?...meaning say williams %R is at -5.67 and then -0.45 and even -0.01...these are obvious sell indicators...but like today, the ES goes higher...I am trying to use only the williams%R for ES sell and ES buy set-ups...thanks for any and all insight you can share...thanks!!!
covering here
out(too early as usual) 1214.00 plus 3.5... now up 5.5 on the day
Increase, for one thing your sell is not generated untill you go over 92 and come back thru it . buys going under 8 then back up. I also use stoch. to confirm.My actual entries buy and sell are generated by a wierd set of techniqes ive developed over seveal years,involving fib. based price proj. : proprietary cycle analysis(really simple to do!) and the 5 min. exp. mov. avg. Im going to lay it all out once again this weekend on a website Pop has if i can get him to set it up(sat?). Ishowed some to him and Margie last weekend and they can probably tell you by now its powerful stuff. Alas, im really only an avg. trader, but a good scalper. Best trader at this webite that ive seen is probably Bruce m. Hes much longer term than me (several hours) but very very good
koolblue...I'd love to be a part of it when you go over everything again.
Saturday sounds good, we can figure out a time after close.
SKYPE has a nice chat room that is free where we all could join. I often miss the entries because of having to refresh this page...
Half out at 93 +19 on those...SL on rest at 1210, next target is 1174.
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