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ES 09-25-08

I still smell a rally to the upside.
You should be koolblue! You are definitely a great trader/scalper. High Five.
pit session 50% retrace area around 08.5
Kool am I right to say 12:19 could be another high?
Not really Karen, Charter Joe and Bruce M. are better but i do make money, consistantly, and thats the name of the game i guess!
sorry 3:19 ET
kool, i see that short at 1216-17 as 50% retracement from 13:45 to 14:20 and 1m indicators oversold . i wonder if that is why you did it
Margie, absoulutly! Your getiing the hang of it.. OF course you need to watch yourtehnicals when you get near there.
STB,no to be honest i wasnt aware of that. Near the peak, my 1 min %r was above 92 ,stoch up there also. Dont forget the neg. divergencies at 1224 area on the 15 min. chart i mentioned. So, iwas looking for a more significant decline than what we had seen so far , i decided to sell 2.5 above the 5 min avg which was around 1214.25 this is because vol. was dropping off (1min. chart as we climbed we stalled at the avg for a min or so and because of the above resons i just didnt think it had enough power to go avg plus 5 . so i used the next minor division of avg plus 2.5(1216.75) put my order in one tick lower for a sure fill. ishould point out it went to 1217.50 if memory serves so it certainly wasnt perfect
Margie 5 min tech. over half way up to over bought ... this could be a good scalp in your time frame.
Margie , i may join u ...%r is around 80(want 92 or better, stoch. around 60-70 so clearly were getting there!6-9 min.
Half out at 93 +19 on those...SL on rest at 1210, next target is 1174.
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