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Square of nine's


*=these carry more weight since they are also primes.

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Originally posted by NewKid

Understood. So where do I get the numbers that are "good forever"?

Is that what you usually post here?

The numbers are on the front page goes from 1445-651
Got it! Thanks a lot. I appreciate the help. Now I know how to use them.

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Now if only there were some computer wiz that could whip up a system to alert/auto trade when a sq root number MACD divergence, And SAR break all happen and I could golf/fish all day

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Originally posted by NewKid

Hi Joe / Gio,

How do I calculate sq of nines for other markets? Like the NQ,ZB,ZS, etc?

Can you tell me the calculations to do to get these numbers?


its very simple with the sq9 calc - play with it a bit

when i mentioned yest that i encouraged using rich'ttt - yest rich had on the es 772/770 as possible highs (771 is a sq number) - the market repected that level early on and rich's ttt gave a nice sell alert on a sell day

he also had 785 as another level on the es (784 is a natural number 28x28=784) and 785 is not only a sq number but a prime number

when the market couldnt hold rich's ttt max levels at 785 it went to the next sq9 of 799 and then came back to rich's ttt of 785

using rich's ttt in combo with sq and natural numbers makes trading easier for me and hopefully for you

good luck in your trading
Originally posted by CharterJoe


Sq of nine goes deep I use it on days bars highs/lows and a deadly(!!!!) dated square of nine that gives S/R lines every day and changes as the calender rolls on by. The way I just showed you is no good after it touches it 2 times. But 1191 is good forever but isn't good if its been going through it all day all week long.

Hi CJ,

could you explain a little more how the dated square of nine works ? I've watched SQ9 levels in the past, they can be helpful. However, I didn't find them to be superior to fib levels or pivot levels. Maybe I should take a closer look at them again.
CJ- it is always a pleasure to read a clear description of what another trader is doing on a daily basis. thank you.

I really don't think I can explain how it works in one post. Basically what it is a large calculator that has dates on the out side and numbers on the inside with 360 degrees you line 0 degrees on the date and it gives you S/R #'s. I have not seen one of these calculators under $500.00. If your interested I could scan a copy to you but I don't know when it will be cause' my 2 year broke my scanner the other day (I think she was dancing on it???), so could be a while till I buy another one since I really don't use on that often.
IMHO I think pivots, fibo, and sq of nine all work well (sq of nine the best of course), its the trader. Please don't take this the wrong way I am not saying anything negative to anyone. But if a market is falling like a knife to a sq of nine traderJoe buys and expects a bounce, 2 min passes and nothing happens but the market stalled then fell to his stop loss then falls like a rock to the next sq of nine and traderJoe again buys "expecting" a bounce and again stallandfall. Did the sq of nine's fail? No, the trader failed, he failed to see the "clues". A trader needs other tools, an edge maybe tape reading, maybe traderJoe needs to learn an indicator inside out. I think mine is RSI and MACD divergence's (signal line smoothed to 1) What a trader needs is to know which numbers to trade and which will stall and fail. I get this info from a 55 tick chart on the NQ and a 144 tick on the ES just like I showed in the charts. If the market is falling to a sq of 9 number and there is no MACD divergence, no SAR break then sit back and wait for buyers to come in. I'll post some "failed" sq of nine numbers on the NQ to show you more of what I am looking at.
I haven't traded bonds yet, I started using Sierra charts Aug 1st & it has a sq of 9 study, I remembered this thread & put the sq of 9 study on GC & ZB just to see, the #s are like magnets! The settings that seem to work best are 22.5 degrees & 45 degrees in that order.
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