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U.S. manipulates DAILY market

I suspect "the committee" stepped in monday with the DOW down 800
and DROVE the market up 500 points by buying SP futures in a SPIKE DOWN.

I find it amazing this is NEVER discussed on the financial networks

They do the same thing (using their fav 3 investment banks) to SELL gold futures during a gold SPIKE UP

Methinks they will be active again today.

Originally posted by pt_emini

The index futures are a cash settlement market. Thus the PPT purchases index futures contracts which can then be held open and settled in cash. Think of this as a simply another way for them to inject liquidity into the system. The main point in doing this is to use the most efficient means possible to provide a short term floor (bid) under the market. In doing so, they hope to change or break the immediate psychology of fear controlling the market.

It is important to keep in mind, the Fed and Treasury are involved in market operations adjusting and adapting the flow of funds in the system 24 hours a day, every day.

This is all based on a quote that doesn't say any such things you have to assume a lot to come to come to that conclusion, The gov is for policy, I don't see how in the world you could believe something like that based on something they said that didn't have nothing to do with index futures. Please show me a quote from the government and I'll rest my case.
My understanding of the use of index futures is not based on the quote I posted in this thread. I don't know of any official statement released by any govt. official or agency indicating exactly what the PWG may or may not do in relation to the index futures markets, or any other markets for that matter. The mandate of the PWG is to provide guidance to policy makers with respect to the stability of financial markets. Feel free to consider my comments about the PWG / PPT as nothing more than a conspiracy theory.
Okay PT,

I didn't know if they said it and I didn't know or what.
My original message of Oct 8 warns that THE COMMITTEE manipulates the stock market in BIG sell-offs by buying stock index futures.
The market friday 2 weeks ago was selling down BIG at 3pm
when a ELEPHANT entered the trading reversing the crash
that was underway and starting a rally that ended tuesday morning when they likely started to unload their contracts.

Today we are back at same point as friday 2 weeks ago, will the ELEPHANT step in again today at 3pm to stop what might be a BIG down day?