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es 10-10-08

long from 41.75...targeting 64.50 and then 93.50
Originally posted by BruceM

S2 today is 838.....One of Joe s' square numbers comes in around 841 I beleive...Hey Joe we need lower numbers now.....

I updated them in....the sq nine thread
I had to go somewhere this A.M.
Joe, any numbers between 841 and 871?
Sure is 856, sorry my bad.
in addition to 856 you may want to also consider 864 on the spx

just a thot
Shorted 1 @ 866.75
Closing @ 862.50
were is kool... is he taking off today

I guess Kool is cooling off today :-)
Originally posted by redsixspeed


Do you round up/down with your caculations

So 0.382 (^2), 0.236 (^3), 0.146 (^4), 0.090 (^5) would all be valid constants for calculating the sq nines.


I used Excel's Round() function, which is half-up (<5 stays the same, >= 5 goes up).