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es 10-10-08

long from 41.75...targeting 64.50 and then 93.50
15:03ET <FNM> Fannie Mae to stop collecting on mortgage-backed securities [MKW]
short 885.00, covering here
Hi Benny, for me you could look to the pitbull threads and search elsewhere for Tick/volume...I've posted tons of charts over the past two years or so but have been lacking in organization...I prefer the first 90 minutes or so and watch moves off the opening price,,,,,

In slower volatility you can use the plus 4 and 5.5 numbers.....this increases to the 8 - 10 point range and then goes to the 16 - 20 point range and then the 30 BUT in general you can use 4 point increments but then I'll watch the Volume and the $ tick readings for fade zones....this will help you adapt when volatility is going through changes....especially from low to high..I also keep track of key numbers to see what happens near them.......Just this week I have begun to watch the Sq of nine numbers as I discounted Gann stuff for many years.....I also love Market Profile....I'm a fader and try to hold some for bigger moves but get stopped out a lot on runners....poke around in the stratgies section and ask tons of questions when people post.....Nobody knows it all and those who hang on to their pride don't advance as traders...I mention this as I myself was guilty of this with the gann stuff...

Originally posted by Benny

Bruce, Kool, Joe is there anyplace in particular to catch up on your methods on here or are they scattered all over in the forums. Some interesting work from u all i'd like to read up on, any suggestions are welcome thanks

out 6.5 now up over 38 and done for today....
BYthe way, that trade had nothing to do with cycles or price proj. 1 min upper boll band was at 879, 5 min was at 882 and it pierced allthe way to 888! Just plain odds it has to come back into the band ... always does! the trick is how far does it pierce? easy let the market tell u! after a little stall the first time it starts to come back jump in!
Benny, i agree with Bruce, just start browsing.. were all over the forum. My techniques are innovative and powerful, but Bruce is a better, more diciplined trader. You would be wise to read up on his tech. indicators
I'd really like to see a good close's kind of depressing hearing about the market so wears on me......I won't folks to feel good about their countries and economies....
Is bottom fishing going on short squeeze?
Bruce i must say i trade pretty much your same style but i am always looking to read and reread. thanks again
Look at that nice 841 low ;)
Originally posted by redsixspeed


Do you round up/down with your caculations

So 0.382 (^2), 0.236 (^3), 0.146 (^4), 0.090 (^5) would all be valid constants for calculating the sq nines.


I used Excel's Round() function, which is half-up (<5 stays the same, >= 5 goes up).
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