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es 10-10-08

long from 41.75...targeting 64.50 and then 93.50
Kool works a midnight shift for his regular job and usually trades a while when he gets home and then catches some sleep until mid-day.
Crude oil is down $8 to &8.50 area, close to a 50% retrace. Sq 9s of 871 and 856 held that last ES cycle.
there the 856 you mentioned for a bounce
buying 2 here
wowe, just woke up , price proj is 841, so i jumped in! long 2 from 842.50
NOW, THATS THE WAY TO DO IT! out at 9.5 twice! came into this up 4.0 from globex so im up 22.0 already,
2:10 mini peak?
order to buy one at 858.50
price proj. is 873 order to sell there!
Originally posted by redsixspeed


Do you round up/down with your caculations

So 0.382 (^2), 0.236 (^3), 0.146 (^4), 0.090 (^5) would all be valid constants for calculating the sq nines.


I used Excel's Round() function, which is half-up (<5 stays the same, >= 5 goes up).