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es 10-10-08

long from 41.75...targeting 64.50 and then 93.50
trying a small scalp buy here...
Bruce, Kool, Joe is there anyplace in particular to catch up on your methods on here or are they scattered all over in the forums. Some interesting work from u all i'd like to read up on, any suggestions are welcome thanks
long one at 851.25, 4.50stop...(has to be under 847) looking for 855-56 exit
out 856.25... plus 5 more!(not a good risk,reward there but this markets crazy!) plus 37 on the day.. watching
wow, theres the 863 proj!!!
pullback to the 5 min. boll at 855 area?
i think we turn here 854-55 but my 5 min tech. are nuetral.. no mans land for me ... watching
Short 1 at 853.75
MAN, that 5 min 89period avg at 854.50 turn the thing on a dime ... wish id shorted my 863 and change price proj!
Covered at 846.00 moving too fast.
Originally posted by redsixspeed


Do you round up/down with your caculations

So 0.382 (^2), 0.236 (^3), 0.146 (^4), 0.090 (^5) would all be valid constants for calculating the sq nines.


I used Excel's Round() function, which is half-up (<5 stays the same, >= 5 goes up).