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ES 10-17-08

Here we go! Another rough beginning, followed by a strong afternoon?
Sold 1/2 those options I bought yesterday at the close +$1.20 Other half @ +.50 or +2 bucks which ever comes first.
there in my 920 magnet at the open.....failure here will not be cool...KOOL!
Went ahead and sold the rest @ +.80 so + a dollar on the whole deal...
thx, long @ 927.25
selling one at 931.25, 4 point stop
Michigan sentiment at top of hour. We have rejected upper value (20-22 area)several times.
Targeting 955
burnt toast! up 4... sold my option for 75... net profit $650, so im still smilin!
got two off at 32.75 and trying to hold for 42.50 and the overnight high
Originally posted by BruceM

got the 18's working now too

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how about a close above a weekly least give us that Mr. Market.....944 is that number

Bruce you must be correct its Mr./Miss. Market