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ES 10-17-08

Here we go! Another rough beginning, followed by a strong afternoon?
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946 sq 9s. singles from 47.5-50.0

Yup, I sold the rest of those longs and rode a short down from that level. For that exact reason...and an RSI divergence, with declining $TICKS

Terrific trade Joe.
one more try here
short one from 942.25, stop at 946.25, hoping to lower it soon!
filled at target is 54 or a retest of 32.50 stops final runner out...big volume at this 42.50 number.....failure up here will retest the 22 area....I think!!
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got two off at 32.75 and trying to hold for 42.50 and the overnight high
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got the 18's working now too

final stop now at 36.25
TICK lows are rising, while the ES is breaking up, good news for bulls
going to cover at break even or lower
flat at 43.50
out 940.50, maybe should have held but i didnt like the action
Like to see an IB breakout, that would push C above sq nine 946.....
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how about a close above a weekly least give us that Mr. Market.....944 is that number

Bruce you must be correct its Mr./Miss. Market