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ES 10-17-08

Here we go! Another rough beginning, followed by a strong afternoon?
they're really jerking it around yesterdays close.....
bulls and bears really slugging it out here!
30 min stalled @ MA 89 period for the last 4 bars needs to break it soon....or it will fall
I'm posting this again so you guys can help me out and I sound like an option wizard to my friend...comment when you have time please.....does this type of skew seem right...

[quote]Originally posted by BruceM

a friend sent me this tonight so I thought I'd ask you folks:

"These are for the November options.
Do you have a clue what the catch is?

Sell 94.00 puts 94.00 SWGWP make +$9.48
Short the SPY at $94
Buy 94 calls 94.00 SWGKP pay -$4.73
Net profit $9.48- $4.73= $4.75
This looks like a risk free trade to me.

What's the catch?"


what the heck,im up 2.75, ill sell one at 943.50 wit a stop above 46, i think the bears win(for now)
Joe, when you see high a high volume thrust on a one minute can you see with Market Delta whether the buyers or the sellers did more volume and would that information help with the short term direction.... ? when you have time please
some comments about Linda raschke...Joe, I forget your specific question...

She went onto the Market Profile bandwagon about 2 -3 years ago

She likes $tick fades in the first 45 minutes....but no latter...she uses $ticks as a momentum indicator

can you guys tell I'm no longer in a trade..? LOL....sorry about the questions here..hopefully it's not a distraction...

Kool..I just opened my Yahoo email and see your to me...thanks so much for taking the time with that...I'll need to digest that and see if my el-cheapo data get those swings from back then to match it up...
see the triangle forming ,boys?
yes Kool..I sure would like to see that 42 become support to have a try for that overnight high...gonna take a thrust - pull back to get long for me as I don't "do" breakouts...
Originally posted by BruceM

how about a close above a weekly least give us that Mr. Market.....944 is that number

Bruce you must be correct its Mr./Miss. Market
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