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ES 10-17-08

Here we go! Another rough beginning, followed by a strong afternoon?
wow, dow only up 30, russell neg.!
selling 965.00 or so
+4 and hit the wrong lot size on the way in almost made up for last blunder, would have had I hit the right button.
I'd join you Joe but I don't like that 64 - 69 area..and they blew through it as if nobody was there to protect that high volume...damn,,,,
ohh thats just fine, I am short now, below that 961
Shorted large took a nasty hit, 4 pts whipped out 2hrs worth of work. I am upping the contract size, always a dozy the first time or two.
crafty devils..!!I shut down my entry screen...... self policing!!!
short [email protected] 965.50 covering at 60-62
dam, out at 961.50...up 11 now..Notice how fast its starting to jump?
one last long and I am done....
Originally posted by BruceM

how about a close above a weekly least give us that Mr. Market.....944 is that number

Bruce you must be correct its Mr./Miss. Market