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ES 10-21-08

Good call... should have stuck to my setup and shorted again.
missed it (order not in till after we hit 977.50, and they likly wouldnt have filled me any way)
took one more off at 72.50...two left with stops above that 77.50 ( everyone else there so it's an obvious stop)or else will cover last two at 69.50......losing patience now and this could just consolidate further
ES was perfect shorting area for me ... but the YM broke above and made me hesitate... arrrrgh
mini low, 11:28-31, better around 11:46 give or take.
you ever notice that the market never moves fast enough when you have a trade on?? Especially when you have final targets to finish a campaign
yeah ... I wonder how it knows ...
5 min avg. 976.75, 1 min avg 975.50 (5 min chart finally over sold) The baby low(11:28-31) is likely in but it'll struggle at the above numbers, especially till the other low hits
selling one at 976.25(nervously since 5 min is oversold!)
playing with a tight 2 point stop, just going to grab a couple handles
The other thing we know is that they will break the Monday - Tuesday range...I'm hoping it's to the upside too but may be illogical to expect that since we closed near the lows today and closer to the lower range......We also have a gap down near 933 so that will be an additional target if we are able to get on board to ride out lower prices

Hope you are having a good B-day KOOL!
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still of the belief this is a giant tringle on the daily charts that we better hope eventually resloves itself to the upside upon completion or this market will end up complete toast... bottom trend line somewhrer around 880-882? Note how the daily range keeps contracting?