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ES 10-21-08

long 2 @ 969.50, hoping my 961 doesnt come into play!
YM Daily Pivot here
sigh... stopped at 966.50 only up 1.25
Margie, on your 5 min or 1 min chart the thrust down from 986 at 10:24 tells you where it wants to go. See it?
A hold below 71.5 past the top of the hour triggers a whatever % rule to 53.0
Nas still leading on the downside today. ill probably try a scalp buy at 961.50 area if it gets that far.
bingo! long 2
stopped again! down 4.75 now! Could we be getting the closing tick decline already?
Kool, I get 961, which also one of joe's #s.
so does anybody have the target for this move in the 952 area
The other thing we know is that they will break the Monday - Tuesday range...I'm hoping it's to the upside too but may be illogical to expect that since we closed near the lows today and closer to the lower range......We also have a gap down near 933 so that will be an additional target if we are able to get on board to ride out lower prices

Hope you are having a good B-day KOOL!
Originally posted by koolblue

still of the belief this is a giant tringle on the daily charts that we better hope eventually resloves itself to the upside upon completion or this market will end up complete toast... bottom trend line somewhrer around 880-882? Note how the daily range keeps contracting?