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Globex 11-03-08

Morning gang! first things first... order to sell 973.25
ggreat question.. i use 2.618 added or subtracted from the BEGINNING of the move. I was trying to make it simpler for every one there by using 1.618 from the END of the move. ITS the same thing! how bout this trade! next stop 968.50!
told ya! 968.75 and im covering!
thanks for clarification!
out at 969.00(too freakin easy!.. i got bored) 3 handles there ...up 5 on the session
wow, she wants that 965.75 projection bad , doesnt she!
there it is again! that 1 min bar at 8:08 ..high 970.50,low 968.75 just screamed it again, see? Those kind of confirmations are quite common!
1 min and 5 min saying a little mini low could be about 9 min away!
once you get the hang of it..what ido really isnt that hard!
kool can u post the chart once again or email it to me?


bingo! dead nuts 965.75!
Kool - Using your technique of timing swings/cycles so far up 10.75 points :-) You da man!

Just have to nail the top as i am getting out a little early.

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