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Globex 11-03-08

Morning gang! first things first... order to sell 973.25
kool once u get mini low do u buy @ that pt or wait for another confirmation?

Wow! Near real time and bloody amazing!

I'm trying to follow this on my charts and trying to get the hang of those projections. Still struggling with that at the moment though.

Kool what would the chances be of a live room?
I hope Zeppo checks this out ,he seems so skeptical!
A live room would be awesome. I would be willing to help any way I can Kool for a live room. Let me know your thoughts!

First day here today- but on the note of the live room - you can do one on MIRC and be live in like 2 mins .
By the way, gang, know whyshe still wants to go south? Check out the 15 min chart from late friday. see the first 15 min bar with the 984 high? The low on that bar is 972.75 the math! 954.50 and the next bar it hits 955.00! But , notice the next bar doesnt have much 'overlap' with the 984 bar. IE: no 'significant' retracement. So could the real projection be both bars? Ie; 984 to 955? do the math! time will tell!
Note , im not saying that will definitly happen, just that if it does and the technicals line up a bounce wouldnt surprise me! See thats the correct way to think when using these tools.
It may prove to Zeppo to keep an open mind lol!

I'll post up on T2W about these near real time calls if you like. But it will bring you a lot of attention. Do you really want that?
i see the mini low came in at 8:23 one min before the expected 8:24 time frame . So there is a text book example of the cycle and the price hitting dead nuts!
Kool - Using your technique of timing swings/cycles so far up 10.75 points :-) You da man!

Just have to nail the top as i am getting out a little early.

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