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Globex 11-03-08

Morning gang! first things first... order to sell 973.25
ill cover at 971.25 or so. did anybody notice the closing ticks thurs. were over 800?
GM Kool...thanks for further explaining your method/style on the T2Win site.
there it is ...out at 971.25,plus 2 handles there!
igot out because the 7:11 and 7:12 1 min bars gave a proj. of 970.75 which was hit exactly at 7;21. Now the price proj is 969.00, so we'll see what develops here... watching
1 min 54exp. avg is 971.25, thats why its pausing here
wow, just looked at the 5 min chart and its proj. is around 964!So ill try to get short again soon
heck with it selling here!
short one at 972.00,2.5 stop,looking for 964 ,bailing 965-6(i hope!)
THX vo, just trying to help my friends!
Kool when do you decide to use 1.618 or 2.618 for the price projections? In my notes from your Sat. class you use 2.618, however, in the T2Win thread you say 1.618. From the numbers you just gave I see you used 2.618. Could you clarify when you have a chance?
Kool - Using your technique of timing swings/cycles so far up 10.75 points :-) You da man!

Just have to nail the top as i am getting out a little early.

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