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Globex 11-03-08

Morning gang! first things first... order to sell 973.25
now on 1 min chart which bar to choose 11 or the 13th one.
OH ,i dont really mind either way options , to each his own ,i guess. Maybe hes got stung a lot by fancy systems or advisory services, who knows!
I am showing on the 5 minute bar 20 or 8:40 a potential to long granted the 1 minute confirms with technicals. I am also showing that we are near the daily pivot. Is this correct kool?
Great question Akola. SINCE WE DONT KNOW FOR SURE I ALWAYS PICK THE 'LONGEST ' CYCLE (or count) because id rather be late and miss out than early and get stopped out.
No, I meant it will bring you a lot of attention from other people.

Don't want to put you under undue pressure
Stochs on the 1 minute are pointing down. When they get to oversold and turn up would it be possible to long based off of the 5 minute peaks?
What you have to be careful of is presently you might, and isay might, have a price proj up now around 970-71. Now im surprised nobody ever asked me, but when do u know if a proj is invalidated? Its when ever the price re-visits the start of the projection...IE: 962.50
That was cool, Kool. The longest cycle nailed it perfect.
Also keep in mind a cycle doesnt have to peak at ahigher price! In a bearish scenerio MINI PEAK CAN ALWAYS OCCUR FROM A LOWER PLATEAU! No holy grail here you still have to use proj. and tech. indicators.. and common sense. All the cycles are saying is that at the designated time period , there may be a reversal. big ,little , who knows?
if i was going long it could be tried anywhere around here. cause right now the proj. is up to 971 area and we do look pretty over sold on the 5 min chart. i just hate trading too close to the open... and then theres those 15 min bars i mentioned! i dont know!
Kool - Using your technique of timing swings/cycles so far up 10.75 points :-) You da man!

Just have to nail the top as i am getting out a little early.

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